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Here is what you could see from the cross of Mount Rondinaio on 7 December 2017

May 24, 2016 will be the last snowfall of this weird season ????

We could not miss a fair nod to the countless trips you can take in our beautiful scenery.
Strong impact when you arrive at high altitude , you should ALWAYS tackle the trails with the oppurtuna map and the right information available at our shelter. And of course we wish you a GOOD WAY !

- Following is a brief proposal written by my friend Francesco Rosati

Proposals for excursions from the book :
" GROUP OF MOUNT GIOVO , hiking on the ridge of the Apennines of Modena Passo delle Radici abreast of Mouth Giovo "
(Francesco Rosati , Edizioni Il Fiorino, 2009).

The author has come in first person all the routes described in the text. The times are approximate and include the step of a hiker in good physical condition and ideal weather. Then there may be discrepancies with the times indicated on the previous guides or Charter CAI MO .

That said, the use of this guide book is at your own risk , the author accepts no responsibility legal and lawful for any accidents or damage.

Mount Giovo (1991 m)

MONTE GIOVOAnd ' the highest and the mighty mountains of the Apennines of Modena , with large side two glacial cirques , steep canyons , rocky bastions and several peaks that make up the top.

- Climb to the summit from the north to the normal route , descent to the ENE wad of Pigs to the Holy Lake .

The climb to the Passo della Jaufen Boccaia for the squat and the shoulder of the mountain ridge north is a nice hike , not too long and very scenic, the reach of many hikers , it is also one of the escape routes from the Apennine ridge safer in the event of bad weather. If you climb from this side , and not for a nice long crossing of the summit is recommended that you go down to the Holy Lake for the wad of Pigs invasion , even though this hike is particularly challenging, this slope , the steepness and the friability of the soil in some points , it is not recommended for inexperienced hikers totally , which instead would fall more easily for the same route followed uphill.

Estimated time : 1 hour for the climb , at 0.45 for the descent. Difference in altitude 417 m. Difficulty: E , E + down at times .

To see the full description
GRUPPO DEL MONTE GIOVO (F. Rosati), Edizioni Il Fiorino (2009).


Ridge connecting Mount Giovo and Mount Rondinaio

Monte Rondinaio e DintorniIt is a grassy ridge and rocky, varied and spectacular to go. Its features make it unique Modenese Apennines.

- From Mount Rondinaio 1964m to 1991 m Jaufen to the ridge trail No. 00.

Considered by many the most beautiful hiking the mountains of Modena, is certainly the most insidious, at least among those on the normal paths of CAI. However, although several steps require attention and sure-footed (for the section that includes the request is also no fear of heights), the route for walkers capable is not a problem at all, resulting in rather spectacular for the views and fun in the most challenging. Path to Avoid atmosphere with Storm, the lightning risk is not so remote, and also a reduction of visibility could broaden the difficulties in insidious traits.

Difficulty E + / EE; approximately 1.15 hours.

To see the full description
GRUPPO DEL MONTE GIOVO (F. Rosati), Edizioni Il Fiorino (2009).


"Tour of the four lakes" with ascent to Mount Rondinaio Lombardo (1825 m)

Monte Rondinaio e DintorniLago Santo>Foce a Giovo>Lago Torbido>Lago Turchino>Finestra del Rondinaio>Rondinaio Lombardo>Lago Baccio>Lago Santo.

It is here proposed a "loop" of great hiking, which allows you to visit the famous four lakes located at the foot of Giovo-Rondinaio and two beautiful glacial cirques of Rondinaio.

E. Difficulty Estimated total time: about 3.30 hours.

To see the full description
 GRUPPO DEL MONTE GIOVO (F. Rosati), Edizioni Il Fiorino (2009).






Affacciato al Lago Santo