Mount Nuda

Mount Nuda (1775m s.l.m.), formerly known as Mount Verruca, is part of the group of Mount Giovo, subgroup upstream Rondinaio.

The grassy summit stands on the watershed between the valley Tagliole and Fontanacce the culmination of a secondary ridge, broke off from the summit of Mount Giovo, descends in a northerly direction until the step of Boccaia, then continue in a succession of panoramic ups and downs along the Colle Monterocchi, the Costa del Paradiso, step Eolo (or Serracane, according to the local name) and the wide saddle of the source of Aseri. The relief consists of Boulder sandstone, whose layers are clearly visible, in compact strips that emerge as isolated slabs curiously shaped, right in the plateau of the source of Aseri. The summit, though not very high, because of its location allows to embrace with his eyes views ranging from the Apuan, high valley Scoltenna and up to Cimone, Open Book and upstream elbow. From the lake Holy Mount Nuda can be reached through the path CAI 529 until step of Boccaia and then continuing along the CAI 539che passes through beautiful outcrops of red clays of Fiumalbo.


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